Health Benefits of Fruits

Fruits are some of the most beautiful creations of God and given to us for food. Humans have gathered wild fruits for food since the time of Adam and Eve. Indeed, many people appreciate the beauty and taste of fruits, but without giving much thought about their goodness and nutritional value. Simple sugars like fructose and sucrose as well as some fibres are the main nutritional components of fruits. They are also the best source of natural sweeteners packed with smaller amounts of many other nutrients like Vitamins A and C, and minerals like potassium. Fruits contain a wide variety of nutrients that needed by us to support good health. The succulent and irresistible taste of wholesome fruits has surely earned them a place of honour in the diet of natural food.

When purchasing fruits, it is best to select fruits that are local and in season. Fruits with a cooling nature are more suitable for people with overheated blood systems. According to traditional Chinese medicine, cooling fruits can cause wind and should not be taken by persons with a cool blood system. Wind in the body may cause tremors, convulsion, spasms and travelling pain. Certain cooling fruits can aggravate epilepsy, arthritis and rheumatism. Therefore, it is very important to understand the nature of fruits, that is whether they are cooling, neutral or warming in nature before consuming them so that fruits are beneficial to the body and not vice versa. Refer to the few examples below that I would like to share about the health benefits of each of them:

The apple is a fruit with a cooling nature, sweet and slightly sour. Sweet, red apples have a more neutral nature. Apples have very little vitamin C and this is easily lost when they are stored for too long. With a low sodium but high potassium content, apples enhance the muscle functions of the heart, thus strengthening it. Apples quench thirsts, normalise blood pressure and cholesterol, relieve constipation when eaten with skin, it also aids digestion and increase appetite in convalescing persons. For people with cool blood system, steam apples may help to reduce the cooling effect.

Dates are a neutral to warming nature and sweet. They are rich in phosphorus, Vitamin B 2 and C. Red dates nourish the body fluids and blood, tone the spleen and stomach, stop diarrhoea, detoxify and harmonise the internal body, as well as calm the mind. Dates lubricate the lungs and stop coughs. Black dates are made from red dates that are dried in the sun and then steamed and baked. This is done repeatedly until they turn black. They are slightly warming in nature. Please be cautious that too many dates may cause distended stomaches and create mucous.

Kiwi fruits are cooling in nature, sweet and sour. They contain more than 100% of Vitamin C of our daily needs, fibre and magnesium. They lower cholesterol and blood pressure, build stronger arteries and are good for skeletal repair and growth. When buying kiwi fruits, select fruits that are firm, but give in slightly when pressed. They are best taken chilled and plain, scooped directly from the skin with a teaspoon. Please be cautious that kiwi fruits may trigger coughing spasm or wheezing in persons who are allergic to it

Pineapples are a neutral to warming nature, sweet and sour. The most nourishing pineapples are the sun-ripened ones. The fullness of the eyes and strong aroma are good indicators of ripeness. Check the fruit stalk for freshness. Do not pick pineapples with shriveled fruit stalks. Sour or not ripened pineapples are less warming. Pineapples are good for quenching thirst. They help keep up a healthy spleen, aid digestion and urination, reduce swelling, stop diarrhoea and remove heat from body.

Star fruits are a cooling to warming nature, sweet and slightly astringent. Green and sour fruits are more cooling in nature while the yellow and sweet ones are more warming. Star fruits aid in the formation of body fluids and activate saliva production. They promote urination and reduce fevers. Star fruits also help digestion and relieve stomach disorders, lover blood pressure, ease coughing and throat inflammation and help the detox of body

Other Health Benefits of Fruits such as:

Pomegranate Health Benefits

Personally, I like fruits a lot and have tried to include different fruits in my daily diet. By eating different types of fruits, it improves my health a lot and the problem of constipation no long bother me at all since i started this “fruit rich” diet about 2 years ago. Everyone of us should try to gain more knowledge about the health benefits of fruits and include as much fruits as possible into your daily diet.

The Changing Trends Observed in Diwali Sweets

Festivals in India are often accompanied with delectable sweets and most Indian festivals are incomplete without them. They are prepared especially for the festival and have a profound significance and traditional value. Diwali, the biggest Indian festival, is indeed a time for pampering self with traditional sweets. The various Diwali sweets may include authentic milk preparations, deep fried food soaked in syrups and time the honored laddoos and barfis.

Shops During Diwali:
Sweet shops become the center of attraction, as people throng the place for delectable sweets and savories prepared especially for the festive occasion. With the increasing awareness of health hazards caused due to bad eating, health conscious revelers are drifting towards healthy food. Most people make special exceptions for the festival season when they prefer to indulge themselves and burn the extra calories later.

For The Health Conscious:
In recent times, ‘eating right’ is a prerequisite for good health and those that have a sweet tooth and are extremely health conscious, opt for sweets that are less on the fat and sugar content. Traditional sweets are usually made of pure ghee which is really high on calories. In the wake of the growing awareness for healthy foods, sweet enterprises are sprucing up with healthier sweets that have less of sugar and fat that are considered detrimental for health.

Dried Fruits as the most preferred:
The ever growing trends in healthy eating have made revelers deviate from the norm. Many of them have found a beneficial alternative in dried fruits. Dried fruits are integral to Diwali and they are often exchanged as gifts. Dried fruits are also symbolic of good will and in addition to being a good gift option they are one of the preferred alternatives to Diwali sweets. They are high on nutritional value and less on fats hence preferred by the diet conscious. The long shelf life of dried fruits has only added to their allure.

This Diwali, there are many pleasant options for health conscious revelers. However, traditional Diwali sweets like Rasgullas, Gulab jamun, Pedas, Burfis and Halwas will seldom go out of style.